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Finally, Spring is here, delighting us with warm sunny days, colourful blooming flowers and lush green spaces, and to simply take in the fresh air and enjoy the outdoors.

All these delightful spring vibes ignite the hankering to revamp our gardens in view of upcoming summer days, and evenings! Whether you have the luxury of owning a large and plentiful garden, or you have a more minimalistic outdoor space, there are plenty of ways to create your dream oasis.

The benefit of small gardens is that they can be incredibly low maintenance. You can utilise limited spaces by growing upwards, such as planting taller bushes and ornamental trees, or climbing vines along trellises. With dramatic lighting effects and bright coloured cushions, you can make your smaller space feel like a true paradise.

For the larger gardens that allow you a little more room to play with, we thought of some long lasting structures that would turn any space in your garden into a lovely nook. By adding a conservatory or gazebo to your outdoor area, you not only create a focal point and topic of conversation, but also a practical and useful space that can be individualised to suit your style.


As an addition to your home, conservatories are quite attractive and allow you to enjoy the sunlight and its warmth even through unexpected weather variations, as they are entirely waterproof. 

Traditional in their British origins, as the middle class grew and glass became affordable, even the most rugged greenhouse gained in popularity to extend to glass enclosed living spaces. From there, they have evolved into garden rooms for many households to share family time, as well as shelter various delicate plant species. 

With bright large windows streaming the sun rays, and wide doors opening to your back garden to let some breeze in, their popularity is now likely due to their availability in modern and stylish designs. They are certainly a large addition, but can be well worth the investment.


Sunshine and warm breezes are what we ultimately aim for in the summertime, but can you have too much of a good thing? For those who still wish for more, gazebos are a wonderful option. While still providing shade and shelter, a gazebo is an open on all sides, roofed, freestanding structure, acting as an ornamental feature for your garden. 

You may enjoy the authentic weather and a resting place while protected from sun UVs or even light summer rain showers. There are brilliant gazebo designs offered nowadays, with high quality non-fade materials that come in all shapes and sizes. They can also be added anywhere in your outdoor space, making them a very attractive option.

You may think that a built structure might overwhelm your garden, but even the smallest spaces can be fluffed and made to create cosy resting places. There is a wide range of sizes when it comes to gazebos, so when choosing the right one, walk around your property looking back at your home and evaluate the right proportions it should be, compared to the house. A smaller gazebo also means a less expensive one which allows more budget to add decorations and lighting, to personalise your space.

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