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From Lawn to Lounge, How to Illuminate Your Home Inside and Out


It’s finally almost that time! After nearly 2+ years being cooped up inside and countless DIY home renovations, the warmer weather has arrived and it’s time to take your outdoor space to the next level.

Whether you’re hosting your next gathering, looking forward to cozy evenings at home with loved ones, renovating your property, or getting ready to put your home on the market, the first step to creating the indoor/outdoor space of your dreams starts with lighting.

Lighting is a highly underrated aspect of functional and aesthetic home decor. It can add loads of value to any room when incorporated with intention, and even create function in outdoor spaces that would otherwise go unused after dark. Not to mention, have you ever forgotten to turn off the lights downstairs after getting cozied into bed or forgotten to leave a light on for an upcoming flat viewing? Smart lightning allows you to adjust your light settings from just about anywhere – a both efficient and convenient solution.

So, what do we mean by intentional lighting? Consider the ambiance you’re trying to create when selecting bulbs, fixtures, placements, etc. For example, for a more moody feel to a room, try soft warm lights with dimming options like a pendant fixture or a floor lamp. Other great versatile (and letting-friendly) options are striplights that can be placed to create a glow under a couch or behind a mirror.

For brighter spaces like a bathroom, consider exposed bulbs, neutral white tones to emulate natural light, and even under cabinet lighting to help you navigate later at night. Also reflect on the purpose of the space – for instance if you’re trying to promote productivity in a room like an office or workspace, look into cooler white lights to help keep you awake during longer hours.

It’s not just about illuminating a room, lighting can also be an accent! Gallery lights are a beautiful and subtle way to not only add light to a room, but to showcase framed artwork or feature pieces on a wall. They can also double as spotlights above cabinets, wardrobes and mirrors, which make for great statement pieces when showing a home to new potential buyers.

The lighting throughout your home should be anything but an afterthought – and that extends to your outdoor spaces as well. A well-lit garden will have you spending the longer days outside well into the evening and planning your next event from inside to out. There are so many options to light up your garden, from post and bollards, pot lights, lamps, security, lanterns, and plenty more. Not only will these make your space more inviting, but they also help to create a safer environment and overall, increase property value and potential.

Regardless of the mood you’re trying to create throughout the home, it’s important to utilize lighting to set that tone. For lettings, customized (installation-free) lighting is the perfect way to add a personal touch to a space. Whereas for homeowners, a strategically well-lit home can help potential buyers feel confident in the space and inspire them to envision it as their own.

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